Weekly Gold (released more than 3 years ago) Airplay charts . Based on total airplay (24 hours a day) of the YACAST 34 radios panel, this chart is weighted by radio audience (quarterly hour method). Chart positions have been established based on cumulated title audience during the given week.
Clicking on "filter" allows, using same methodology, to get charts by decade:
- 50's (from 1950 to 1959)
- 60's (from 1960 to 1969)
- 70's (from 1970 to 1979)
- 80's (from 1980 to 1989)
- 90's (from 1990 to 1999)

Time period; : Week starting Friday 00.00 and ending Thursday 24.00
24 hours a day radio monitoring
Total Panel (33 stations) :
10 Networks : NRJ, Fun Radio, Skyrock, Europe2, RTL2, Chérie FM, RFM, MFM, Rire & Chansons, Nostalgie.
6 Low Rotation radios: RTL, Europe1, France Inter, RMC, Sud Radio et France Bleu.
17 Independent local radios: Ado FM, Alouette, Champagne FM, Contact FM, FIP, Kiss FM, Le Mouv', MTI, Oui FM, Radio 6, Scoop, Thollon, Top Music, Vibration, Vitamine, Voltage FM et Wit FM.
Audience : Monitored by Mediametrie - QHM in thousands.
National Radios - Networks and Low Rotation Radios - Audience Monday-Friday / Saturday / Sunday monitored by Médiamétrie
Paris Area Radios - Audience Monday-Friday / Saturday / Sunday monitored by Médiamétrie
ILRs - Audience Monday-Friday monitored by Médiamétrie

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